Over 17 years giving the best Peruvian seafood products to the world

Inversiones Perú Pacífico S.A is one of the most important seafood producers and export companies in Peru.

We work with international certifications for quality and environmental safety, related to our sustainable growth developed since our beginnings in 1994.

We are in the "Top 15" companies in the industry, from a list of over 300 companies, always encouraging continuous improvement.



Promoting excellence through transformational leadership to our employees, bringing satisfaction to our customers. 


In 2017 to be in the top 3 producers of food fish in Peru, with guaranteed quality.



  • Continuous improvement: knowledge and perseverance.
  • Responsibility and integrity (must be): To assume a role in the organization.
  • Collaboration and teamwork.
  • Respect.




We are a company dedicated to the processing and commercialization of safe frozen products for human consumption based on aquatic resources for national and international markets, with the main objective to achieve customer and consumer satisfaction. That is why we commit ourselves to: 
- Comply with regulatory requirements and the needs of our customers. 
- Train and engage our employees guiding the implementation of our quality standards, prevention of hazards and risks related to the safety and legality. 
- Continuously improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System and Food Safety. 
Senior management is committed to communicating the quality policy to all staff of Inversiones Peru Pacifico, reviewing it for adequacy meet the challenges of the market and customers' needs.


Inversiones Perú Pacífico promotes the seafood production and export through the following actions:

  • Meeting our customers’ needs and expectations, nationwide and internationally.
  • Respect to all regulations through compliance of Peruvian laws for resource´s capture.
  • Production is ensured by safety of our products and facilities.
  • Promote individual and collective development of our employees.    
  • Continuous evaluation to our line products and procedures.
  • Research and development along with technology.